A ‘How-To’ Guide to Modern Florals

It may very well be freezing cold outside – perhaps even snowing – but have no fear, there is light at the end of the tunnel yet… This being the time when springtime fashion comes to into full flourish. The main reason for the surge in color whilst the winter months are still upon us is very much thanks to the unique ‘Cruise’ collections that most designers chose to bring out in anticipation of people heading off to warmer climates on holiday. This is now considered a vastly important part of many designer’s repertoires and hence the reason why this floral explosion on the catwalks has made such an impact in 2015.

 It is also an exciting time for modeling agencies in New York. Not only because the Holy Grail that is New York Fashion Week is on the horizon but also because, if they had been previously lucky enough to get their models involved in springtime campaigns, then there is a good chance these pictures will be hanging around for quite some time, increasing the model’s exposure and therefore progressing their career substantially.

 So what exactly is so special about these 2015 floral inspired numbers? Well, for one thing the colors, with neon block prints making more and more of a leap into the mainstream. So the first step towards your floral transition is to take on the rule: ‘the bolder the better’. This has very much been displayed on many of the key designer’s most recent catwalks, in particular the garden- inspired runway of Chanel at Paris Haute Couture Fashion week, last week.* Next stop on this modern floral excursion is the trouser suit, which Nicholas Ghesquiere has brought to the forefront of Louis Vuitton’s 2015 Cruise collection. Although this may sound like a trip back to the 60s, let me assure you, it couldn’t be less so. This androgynous masterpiece – a go to for the modern woman – is all about symmetry with its defined elegant floral patterns. 

If this sounds like something that might interest you, you’d also be best advised to check out Gucci’s collection which displays similarities in their trouser suits, but with the added essence of the ‘70s Jetset Lifestyle’ (i.e. looser lines and more unpredictable patterns).  

If it’s the 1960s you’re after though, you’re in luck. Miu Miu’s 2015 Cruise collection very much has this covered, and have added some bright pop botanical prints to their already incredibly successful 60s-inspired collective (need I remind you of their block wedge sandal). Christopher Kane have also gotten in on the act by taking boldly colored hand-stitched florals to the next level. Psychedelic would definitely be considered an understatement for this but for our part we can’t wait to follow the other NYC modeling agencies out there and call these items in as soon as they hit the shelves in time for fashion week.

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