A Closer Look at the New OPI ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Nail Polish Collection

Due to the fact that we’ve been assured, by make-up artists and nail technicians alike, that the new OPI Fifty Shades of Grey nail polish collection is going to be all the rage by the time New York Fashion Week hits, we thought we’d better get in there first, before some of the other New York modeling agencies, and take a closer look ourselves. In case you were wondering, yes, this is a collection inspired by the up and coming film starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, but no, it is not relating to any kind of obscenity (at all). It is, in fact, all about class and sophistication.

However, I must say OPI have certainly had fun with the word play when it comes to the names they’ve picked out for these slick new shades. They clearly employ the best designers in the world to come up with the coolest most relevant looks and this sultry collection is no exception. If you don’t believe me, just take a look for yourself:

‘My Silk Tie’

Technically a silver shade, the stunning color of this polish really does put you in mind of a silk sheet or tie. So much so, that you will more than likely find yourself reaching out to run your fingertips over the smooth finish.

Not only this, but the color is so delicate – much in the way of silk – that it almost hints at a more golden elusive finish.

‘Romantically Involved’

A modern take on the classic red shade that graces so many OPI signature collections; this sophisticated shade is slightly lighter in color and more accurately described as a crème red.

The inspiration behind this seems to nod more closely towards the blossoming of springtime romance, rather than the typical passionate tones you might expect with the reputation of the Fifty Shades film.

‘Dark Side of the Mood’

A much darker, more brooding shade of charcoal black; this color is clearly representative of Mr Christian Grey himself.

Our predictions estimate that this shade is going to be one of the top hits of the collection with its beautifully finished matte texture. It will be very at home on AW15 the catwalks, that’s for sure.

‘Shine for Me’

A far more upbeat shade; the shimmering silver tones (with added glitter) of Shine for Me, almost seem out of place. But, every collection needs a curveball and our guess is that this shade draws on the inevitable links of passion and spontaneity, which will be more than prominent in the film.

‘Cement the Deal’

Probably the most boring name, for one of the most exciting shades. Seeing as matte/crème nail polishes have been gaining more and more momentum in recent years, we think this ‘on-point’ gray shade could end up stick around a lot longer than its counterparts. It pretty much sums up the epitome of understated spring/summer cool and is very much a perfect choice for all you super-slick city types.

‘Embrace the Gray’

That’s ‘Gray’, not ‘Grey’ as in Mr. Grey. And why have they chosen to change the spelling of this one small detail? I can honestly say there is no explanation given for this apart from probably to mix things up a bit – much like the character himself.

But back to the point, this is another worthwhile investment for all you OPI / Gray lovers out there and really goes to show that grays are here to stay so keep your eyes peeled on the catwalks.

So there it is, our summary of the incredibly exciting OPI Fifty Shades collection. It will soon be the talk of all the key players from NYC modeling agencies, make-up artists and stylists, so don’t forget, you heard it here first.

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