A Beginner’s Guide to Different Styles of Yoga

A Beginner’s Guide to Different Styles of Yoga 

With it’s multitude of benefits for our health and well-being, it can come as no surprise that yoga has cemented it’s place in popular culture as a go-to exercise for all types of people. It especially holds particular benefits for those working in the fashion industry, due to its unique ability to bring you a valued ration of peace and tranquillity – during those hectic times in the lead up to fashion week and castings – whilst at the same time helping you to keep in shape. Henceforth, It is a practice strongly followed by modeling agencies in New York, keeping their agents and models at their healthiest at all times. 

So first of all, why choose yoga? 

The list of health benefits is seemingly endless but people that practice it for a considerable amounts of time often find their strength increased, their stresses relieved and even in some cases their blood pressure lowered. There are many different types of yoga, all centred on the development of strength, balance and flexibility. It doesn’t come naturally to all who try it but with the right amount of strength and self-discipline, it is a practice open to a wide variation of people. 

So now you’ve decided to try it out, how do you go about choosing a class? 

This is a very good point because there are way more types of yoga than you might expect, some of which put a focus on strength and some of which concentrate more on finding your inner peace and relaxation. 

It is important to find a class that is suited to your particular needs because everyone’s bodies and temperaments are different. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you try out a few different classes and see which match your lifestyle / existing exercise regime in the best way. For example, if your workouts in the gym already incorporate a focus on strength then you should ideally look for a yoga class that works on your flexibility. This will bring a more even feeling to your overall weekly workout, but the choice, as always, is down to you. 

We‘re here today to give you an idea of what’s available to you out there, so here is a roundup of just a few of the different styles of yoga: 


One of the more vigorous types of yoga, this discipline is based on a series of strength-building poses which must be held for 5 breaths, all split up by a salutation (a term widely used in yoga – that you’ll become familiar with – but basically means an acknowledgment or bow to the sun).This one might take you a while to get used to but there are plenty of beginner’s classes out there who’ll help to get you on the right track. 


A very relaxed approach to yoga; students turn up at any point they wish over the course of a few hours. This stress-free approach promotes a feeling of inner calm, leaving you free to work at your own pace, with the valid assistance of an instructor who is constantly supervising your moves. 

This style of yoga is one of the more typically traditional and also leaves you to choose your own pattern of breath.

Vinyasa Flow 

This style of yoga is very much about the workout. Therefore, for any beginner’s out there, it is highly recommended that you try a purer form of yoga before adding the vinyasa element to the mix. Once you’ve done this, you will find that this style of yoga is one of the most effective for your overall fitness. 

Bikram Yoga 

There is a good chance you will have heard of this approach to yoga, considering it has taken the world be storm in recent years. It is a practice made up of 26 moves, all undertaken in a heated room so that your body has the added opportunity to sweat out and remove toxins. 

However, it is definitely worth warning you that you musn’t take this class too regularly without looking into whether it is suitable for your health. Too many times I’ve heard of people dehydrating themselves in an attempt to lose weight too quickly and that my friends, is putting your health at risk which is unacceptable. 

Aside from this, Bikram has proven an incredibly successful form of yoga, leading many people to find their goal weight and maintain it in a sensible structured way. But just try to remember – in spite of all the package offers being thrown at you – good things definitely come to those who wait. 

Restorative Yoga 

This practice of yoga focuses much more keenly on the mind, body and soul altogether as one entity. Therefore, it places its emphasis much more on relaxation and regeneration by taking a more relaxed approach and holding fewer poses for longer periods of time. 

So there you have it, this is just a small taste of what is available out there at classes across the country for you to try. We wish you all the best with your search and hope that you’ll join the Fashion industry professionals and top NYC modeling agencies in their stress-free approach to health and well-being.

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