21 Tips From Models Who Are Super Models Now

Pursuing a career in modeling has become one of the favorite choices for thousands of males and females globally. Many of them are pursuing this career with the hope of becoming the next supermodel. While it is great to be optimistic about succeeding in modeling, those days are gone when optimism is the only ingredient you need to succeed.

The modeling industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and you’ll require more than optimism or luck to stand a chance of becoming a supermodel. Also, a lot goes into becoming what you’ve set out to become in modeling. Perseverance, patience, being hardworking, having a great attitude, etc. are some of the attributes you’ll need to possess to succeed.

However, the job has been made a little easier because some people have walked in the modeling shoes and know where it hurts and pinches the most. Some of those people have gone on to become supermodels. Also, they were in the same place as you probably are now, a rookie model.

To help ease the climb on the ladder to become a supermodel, we’ve gathered 21 tips these supermodels tried out on their way to becoming what they are today. These tips have been tried and proven to work. You may have in you some of these tips already, but infusing the others in you will stand you among your competitors in becoming a supermodel.

  • Develop Your Skills

Practice the necessary skills that will help you become a better model. Study posing and understand it. Work more on your runway walk. Your posing and ability to walk is what differentiates a supermodel from a mediocre one. Modeling isn’t just a career; it is an art.

The best way to do practice and become perfect in this is to have a friend take shots of you posing with other people in the background. You can also practice independently by setting up a camera on your tripod until you’ve gained enough confidence.

  • Work On Your Pose In Front Of A Camera

This is another tip that will help you become better with each passing day. Practice often in front of a camera. You can work with a photographer to help you come up with a lovely concept. To become a successful model, you have to work on and have good posing skills.

A model will combine her facial expressions, artistic intuition, posing with the knowledge of lighting, aperture, framing, etc. that a photographer has to help improve them at modeling. This will help you in building the confidence you need to become a better model.

  • Build A Modeling Portfolio

To succeed and become a supermodel, you’ll need a modeling portfolio that shows your strengths and talents via high-quality images. You will be able to make a favorable impression on a modeling agency if you have a great modeling portfolio.

It is advisable that you have both an online modeling portfolio that you can send at any time via mail and a hard copy that you can show when you’re going for a face to face interview or meeting.

  • Have Digitals Or Headshots Ready

For you to get signed by a modeling agency, you’ll need to be visible to them. The main requirement is simply a snapshot of yourself (called Digital or Polaroid in the modeling industry). It is advisable you use little or no makeups in your snapshots. Modeling agencies prioritize natural pictures over any form of pictures.

Also, take pictures using natural light. Use a plain background, as well. You digital or snapshot should contain the following: smiling, non-smiling, and up-close headshot(s); left and right profiles; a complete length shot (one facing the camera and another not facing); and your clothing should be made up of a T-shirt and jeans.

  • Do A Research About Modeling Agencies 

Do adequate research before you forward your headshots to them. Your research should include the legality of the modeling agency, verify if they are legit, the reviews they’ve got, what their requirements for taking models are, their application procedures, their most recent campaigns, what notable brands they work with, etc.

Consider all those in choosing an agency. As soon as you’ve decided on which one to choose, submit your headshots, and prepare for a possible meeting with them.

  • Be Prepared To Be Rejected

This is one of the most important tips to always consider. As a novice or an upcoming model, there is a 7 out of 10 chances that doors will be shut on your face without having a second thought. You’ll be told ‘No!’ several times. You may have to send hundreds of headshots before you’re considered.

It is important, however, not to base yourself worth on someone’s opinion or how you look. Shrugs of the criticism and rejection you’ve just been handed and practice more. Having a strong mental resistance to backlash and criticism will help you on your way to becoming a supermodel.

  • Form A Healthy Lifestyle 

Being aesthetically pleasing is what the modeling industry is run on. So your looks are an essential factor to succeed. Ensure you take care of your hair, skin, body, and your health in general. For those that want to be successful as fashion models, the height/weight yardstick is more strict than other types of modeling.

You should be able to abide by austere beauty regimens. Some routines followed by supermodels include drinking a large quantity of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, not smoking, consuming only a little quantity of alcohol, exfoliating/washing/moisturizing the face every morning and evening, exercising for about 4-5 days per week, maintaining a strict diet, etc.

  • Prioritize Your Safety

As a novice, you’re susceptible to so many things. Therefore, you’ll need to take charge of your security. You shouldn’t fall for fake model schools promising to help you climb the ladder to becoming a better model for a certain sum of money to pay for test shoots.

Your modeling agency should be the one responsible for those things. Also, beware of fake modeling agents, fraudulent modeling contests, fake casting directors, and photographers. Also, ensure to keep trusted friends in the know about the happenings in your career. They can drive you to photoshoots to make sure you’re safe.

  • Be Professional 

You need to be professional in all your conducts. Ensure you answer phone calls, reply to emails as soon as you can. Return voicemails promptly. Ensure you’re not late to a meeting, casting calls, photoshoots, etc. it is advisable to be there 15 minutes before time.

Unprofessionalism can decrease your chances of succeeding as a model. You should always be aware that they are plenty of other qualified people out there and if you do not sit up, you’ll be replaced.

  • Be Hardworking

Many people think modeling is easy and you don’t need to work too hard. This is a completely wrong notion to take into the industry. 

As you abide by those sleeping, eating, exercising, and other regimens, you should be prepared to be at a photoshoot for up to 12 hours in unfavorable weather conditions.

You should also be aware that it will take a considerable number of years to succeed as a model. There will be times when you’ll be mandated to travel for long hours and spend months away from your family and friends. The life of a supermodel can indeed be rewarding as well as glamorous, but it takes a huge amount of work to get there.

  • Keep Your Values

To be successful, set your standards and do not compromise them. Drugs, greed, harassment, etc. are some vices that fill the modeling industry. You shouldn’t do things at all costs to get to the top.

Some people might make promises that if you do certain things, they’ll help you get to where you want, but most of the time, you’re just being deceived. Take a stance and never waiver. If you practice constantly, you’ll become a supermodel.

  • Know The Odds

Staying at the top in the modeling industry is very difficult to achieve. It is very important to know what it takes to succeed in the different modeling genres there are. If you hope to be a supermodel on the runway, get to familiarize yourself with it in terms of practice, skills, and habits.

  • Know The Risks Involved

This is also very important. The modeling industry is highly competitive. You should be aware that your integrity and morals will be tested sometimes; your fellow models will go to any length to tarnish your image. Knowing what is involved and the risks there are in your industry will help you better prepare for any eventuality.

  • Make Use Of The Social Media

Millions of people around the world use social media, and it allows you to connect with several millions of others. Upload pictures regularly on your page detailing the job you’re into, and this can help attract different modeling agencies to see you.

Although having a social media presence isn’t a requirement to become successful, but it increases your chances of success. Advertisers are always on social media, looking out for models with huge potentials.

  • Never Let Your Pride Down

Always remember that you’re more than a beautiful or handsome face. Always remember to hold your head up high. Know when to turn down a job. There is a fine line between being hardworking and being used as a slave. Know the right time to make objections when certain suggestions are made to you.

  • Have A Good Attitude

Your attitude will keep you up the ladder as you make your way to become a supermodel. Ensure you’re not rude to people. Be respectful. Also, know how to speak to people, especially those in your team, and learn to cultivate a friendly tone even when you’re angry.

  • Pick A Type Of Modeling 

There are many types of modeling out there. To succeed, do not just be a ‘Jack of all trade,’ pick a genre, and practice constantly to become a better model. Do proper research on what the type of modeling requires and continue to improve.

  • Versatility Helps

While it is good to specialize in a particular type of modeling, it will be an added incentive if you’re versatile. Being able to fill into different types of modeling will help you seize rare opportunities that will come your way.

  • Perform On Demand

To be a successful model, you’ll need to be able to display a variety of emotions naturally as your casting director requests. This makes you a better model and stands you out from the rest. Also, work on different facial expressions constantly.

  • Have Good Organizational Skills

Also, you’ll need to be somebody who has good organizational skills. If your personal assistant is not available, you should be able to take care of your schedules, book flights, hotels, manage finances, etc.

  • Be Able To Handle Tight Schedules

As you begin to climb the modeling fame ladder, you’ll be getting so many offers from different agencies, especially when you’re working freelance. Your ability to plan your schedule in other to move from one shoot to another will contribute to how successful you’ll become.

Wrapping It Up

Being a successful model takes a lot of time and effort. These tips have spelled out all you need to succeed as a model. Becoming a supermodel is just inches away from you if you can work very hard with these tips. Being a supermodel is not a day’s job.

Whether you plan on becoming a super runway model plus-size model, fitness model, glamour model, parts model, etc., ensure you keep at any of your choices with these tips, and the sky will be your limit. 

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