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Almost every aspiring models always wonder how can I make more while doing freelance modeling. Since its not a secret that there are more models to shoot for a paid assignment, value a model bring to the table is always considered. Because that value decide you are selected for the shoot.

Its not a secret that very few models live just by modeling considered there are literally thousands of pretty and beautiful models working in the industry. And many of these models are not just pretty but they also plan their career to become successful.

So without further due lets see what makes a model successful financially.

dc modeling agency tips
One. Giving utmost importance for your reputation

Boon modeling agency don’t hire a model once again if that person flake on us once or repeatedly late. Your job as a model is to be professional as possible, because there are enough other models to take your place at the drop of a hat. Make it a point that people can count on you, remember every paid gig is a risk and investment for the producer, try to understand their risks and help them reduce it.

Two . Learn a trade related to modeling.

A model can do her own make up saves the money and time for a make up artist. If a model can help with make up for other models, probably you will get more money from the same gig that too for the same time spend. Same goes with hair, lighting etc.

Three . Identify the clients you want to work with

First figure out what type of modeling you want to be involved with and search for the companies who are interested in your domain, contact photographers, modeling agencies. If you are high fashion model, go to fashion events, store opening etc and network with photographers and agencies specialize in that market. Show them their portfolio and ask for feedback. If they like it they will offer you to work with them without asking.

Four. Your list of demands should be short

When negotiating a assignment keep your lists of demands shorter. I need to bring my cat to the shoot, I need to have lunch at 12 etc can wait. There are plenty of models who doesn’t have these demands, understand that.

Five. Market yourself online. It wont take more than $50 to hire a social media marketing person to amp up your online presence. When clients and photographers see a lot of fan following and your competition doesn’t have such presence, think who they are going to hire?

Six. Continuity in your communication

One of the major things Boon modeling agency regularly come across is poor communication with models. Read an email in its entirety and reply immediately when you see an email. Reply to phone messages as soon as possible. Even if you are not interested, reply to the email mentioning that. A little politeness will go a long way.

Seven. Work on your wardrobe

A ward robe stylist costs money for the company and that’s one thing you can tap into if you have a good ward robe. Your ward robe doesn’t needs to be the most expensive clothes, but when you buy clothes keep in mind of your modeling career.

Eight. Importance of skin

No photographers like to sit in front of the computer or hire a graphic artist to retouch their photos. So that means keeping your skin clean and clear will put you miles ahead from others who need retouching. While doing the make up keep this in mind.

Nine . Having a fit body

Now there is a lot of hype for thick models but realistically that market are few and far between. And the competition in that market is extremely fierce because any lazy person can be a thick model.

Ten . Importance of testimonials and reference letters

A testimonial will go a long way in a models career. Most of the time photographers and modeling agencies knows each other in a metropolitan area. A model who shows with a testimonial from a peson whom the modeling agency trust, it will put you right in front to be hired for the assignment.

Hope these tips helped you in your career.